Insulation - A Must-Read for Homeowners

When buying shoes, many of us shake our heads when asked if we want a waterproofing spray. However, replacing a brand-new stone surface is far more costly than a new pair of shoes, making protection in this case a must. Alongside proper cleaning, this includes treating the stone surface, or impregnation.

How Does Stone Impregnation Work? Most stones are porous, meaning they have tiny holes and passages in their structure. Impregnating agents fill these voids, preventing moisture from penetrating. This is crucial, especially in temperature fluctuations, as the porous structure can leave the stone vulnerable. Water, if frozen inside, can expand and damage the stone. By keeping moisture out, the surface becomes more durable and withstands the tests of time.

Choosing the Right Impregnating Agent While it might seem that sealing the passages solves the issue, it’s not that simple. The surface may be dry when laid, but moisture can still reach a building’s walls through minor accidents or simple condensation.

It’s vitally important for this excess moisture to escape, meaning the sealed pores should only close in one direction. If the impregnation also seals internal moisture, it can prevent the structure from breathing, leading to mold and rapid deterioration. Therefore, it’s critical that stone surfaces continue to allow external ventilation, ensuring the longevity and quality of the entire building.

Expert Assistance for Impregnation Given the above, it’s crucial that our stone surfaces and tiles receive proper treatment. Using impregnating agents helps protect our surfaces from weather adversities while keeping the structure underneath intact and healthy.

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